Hip and trendy

In home programmes and magazines you come across PVC floors all the time. Justifiably, because a PVC floor has a lot of possibilities and is available in numerous designs. At The Flooring Company we offer you an extended collection in both wood look and concrete look floors. If you want such a hip and trendy floor yourself then we are the right place to go to.

High quality

Of course we only offer you a collection of high-quality floors. PVC floors mutually differ however. For example, thicknesses vary from 2 to 5 millimetres and the floor surface can either be smooth or edited. In the last case you feel a wood grain or stone structure as it were. These treatments make the floor less liable to scratch.

The princess and the pea

A PVC floor is just like the princess in Andersen’s fairy tale. Even the smallest unevenness in the subfloor is visible in your PVC floor. The area on which the PVC floor is glued, has to be mirror smooth. That will best succeed by evening out the floor. Assessment of the floor surface of your home, office or shop belongs to our standard floor inspection. That way you get expert advice to suit your needs when you buy your PVC floor with us.