Laminate or parquet?

Nowadays laminate is hardly to distinguish from parquet. That is certainly the case for the collection we have at The Flooring Company. Years of experience in the flooring sector and contacts with all well-known manufacturers have taken care that we can offer you a series of unique high-quality laminate floors. Nicely priced floors in addition, that you will enjoy for many years to come.

Unlimited choice

In the meantime laminate floors are available in numerous prints, colours and designs and often not to distinguish from parquet. It is easy to lay laminate yourself and the floor hardly needs any maintenance.

Wear-resistant and low-maintenance

Laminate is not parquet. Laminate consists of compressed sheet material finished off at the top with a wear-resistant plastic layer, that in better types is made of the same material as the top layer.

Sound impact superfluous

Laminate floors have a reputation for sound impact, which isn’t pleasant for persons living below you. However, when you choose the right subfloor, a laminate floor doesn’t cause any nuisance at all and you stay neatly within the standard of 10dB. Of course we offer a wide range of subfloors, matching your laminate floor.