Renovation, A ‘new’ floor

When your floor finally needs a thorough overhaul, you have several possibilities. You can let us renovate your floor in its former glory. But times and tastes change, as well as your interior, or both. Do you want something else for that reason, you can also give your floor another colour. In that way you have a real ‘new’ floor after the renovation.

Dents and scratches no problem

A wood floor is made to live, play and party on. Normal daily use however sometimes causes a scratch or a dent. While renovating your floor we fully eliminate these. The floor needs to meet one condition for that: the top layer still has to be thick enough, because we sand your floor before we give it another colour and finish it with hard wax oil or lacquer. Of course you don’t need to measure the thickness yourself, that’s what we do when we come to your home for an inspection and discussion of the possibilities. A floor inspection is free of charge by the way and our advice without obligations. Don’t hesitate to call us for an appointment if you want to know more about the possibilities for your floor.

PS Did you know that sanding is possible almost without dust nowadays!