Duo planks

Plank flooring or duo planks are available since about ten years and have a lot of advantages. Duo planks have the looks of a massive floor but settle more firmly. This makes duo planks very suitable for homes with floor heating. Next to that we can lay duo planks in stripes as well as traditional patterns. With duo planks you have the best of both worlds.

Stable character

Plank flooring or duo planks consist of a massive wooden top layer on plywood. The two layer structure ensures less shrinking and extending of the floor, to a factor ten less. That makes plank flooring a high-quality successor of massive flooring with a more stable character.

Your own unique floor

You can compose plank flooring totally to your own taste and wishes. Our floors are available in different widths for example, from 14 up to 23 centimetres. Next to that the assortment is large as well. Whether you want a robust solid style or rather an even floor with edging to create a more traditional style, everything is possible. Duo planks in 14, 15 and 18 centimetres widths even can be laid in a herringbone pattern.

Finally you can also choose out of different finishing methods. We can give the floor a chamfer and it is also possible to have your floor steamed, aged, brushed or smoked. And then we didn’t even tell you about all the different colours that are available.

Complete choice

In our showroom we take all the time to compose your personal floor. Have you made your choice then we start taking care that your flooring project goes fully carefree.