Flooring & maintenance

Laying a floor is craftsmanship, asks for experience and a detailed eye. Our parquet layers have all those qualities. Next to that hey have a pair of golden hands and a heart for wood. They take the greatest care in perfectly laying and finishing your floor. Surely that’s the only way you can carelessly enjoy your floor.

Oil & wax

We prefer to finish your floor with hard wax oil to give your floor the most natural look and feel. The oil saturates and protects the wood and the wax brings the wood structure to life. The result of a hard wax oil treatment is a warm, mood-enhancing and abrasion-resistant floor, easy to clean with a damp cloth. The hard wax oil also makes the floor usable in every room, even in the kitchen.

A uniform colour? Lacquer!

If you prefer an as much as possible uniform colour and a smooth floor surface, lacquer is the best choice to finish your floor with. Lacquer mainly lies on the floor, which makes the floor smoother and very easy to maintain. Although the lacquer doesn’t go into the wood you still have several possibilities to bring your floor to life. We have lacquer for a matt or untreated look for example, causing a robust and natural feeling. Next to that there are lots of other possibilities. We are pleased to advice you.