Carpet Floor

Anyone who enters a room where carpet has been applied will soon get a cozy and comfortable feeling. That's because carpet radiates warmth and atmosphere.

Colors can determine the atmosphere that carpet radiates and are able to influence our moods.

Carpet is therefore available in many contemporary colors, designs and structures. It can be combined well with other parts of the interior, such as curtains, blinds, furniture and walls.
Our "Spirit" wool yarn is pure. This yarn honors all natural properties that are 100% undyed wool. By not adding anything to the wool, the beauty of the material comes out in full glory above. We source the wool for our yarns from New Zealand. We do this for two reasons. First, because the farmers there are committed to sustainable forms of agriculture using traditional and efficient wool produce. Second, because the wool from that region is the most consistent and high-quality wool we know. Sheep farming is an important part of life in New Zealand both culturally and economically. While the arid climate and barren soil are problematic for many types of agriculture, the sheep very well. This is why sheep farming settled in New Zealand as far back as the 19th century and since then it is maintained by exporting wool. Today there are more than 141,4000 people working in the agricultural and forestry sector of New Zealand.

Over the centuries, the traditional wool production process in this region has changed remarkably little. This is mainly because the production methods have proven to be sustainable, which are still efficient and today are qualitative. Wool has a simplicity and honesty in this. The color palette is created by wool of white and black sheep that together create a pleasant tone. A natural variation is visible per batch which we believe adds to the charm of our wool yarns, such as Spirit. These carefully blended New Zeeland wool of age-old quality is the strong and soft material that we are looking for for our collection.