Maintenance, A longer life

When you maintain your floor well with the right products it will stay more beautiful and last longer. Above that you postpone the need for real renovation. When you buy your floor at The Flooring company we advice you of course how to maintain it in the best way. We can provide you with an extended assortment of high-quality maintenance products suitable for the different top layers a floor can have.

Better safe than sorry

You probably move your dining chairs daily, but a table sometimes comes out of its place or that huge lounge sofa. This shoving can cause scratches and dents, which are easily prevented by putting professional felt pads or caps under your furniture.

Moisture most times causes damage to your floor as well or quicker wear. In the kitchen it is more likely to spill than in other rooms. That’s why we advice to carry out maintenance in the kitchen at least twice a year to prevent quicker local wear of your floor. It’s also advisable to put a doormat at the front door for wet and dirty shoes and not to put vases, plant pots and your pet’s drinking cups directly on the floor.

Oil and wax, but also lacquer, need time to be absorbed by the floor or harden. That’s why it is always better not to put large carpets on your floor to prevent discolouration.

Does your floor need a major facelift after years of intensive use, we can advice you which treatment works best to make your floor brand new.